ClarisCompanionIconTransMeaningful Connections

A beautiful and heartwarming story of how the Good Samaritan Society uses Claris Companion to help an elderly couple in South Dakota maintain meaningful connections with friends, family and their church as part of Good Sam’s Window to the World program.

ClarisCompanionIconTransA Day in the Life

Joan Lewis uses Claris Companion to connect with her daughter on a typical day. As an independent senior living on her own, Joan uses the check-in notifications, event reminders, medication reminders, how-to videos, and email/text messaging to connect with her family and caregivers… and the automated alerts let her daughter know that she’s okay.

ClarisCompanionIconTransBoston Globe Review

Boston Globe technology reporter Hiawatha Bray reviews Claris Companion and calls it the “cleverest senior tablet I’ve seen” and perfect for those “who just don’t want to be bothered learning about computers”!

ClarisCompanionIconTransGlobal TV

On January 21st, 2015 tech reporter Lindsay Smith drops by Global TV to introduce the new ClarityLife phone powered by Claris. The new amplified phone with 8 inch touch screen offers the functionality of Claris Companion to “help seniors be more independent” and provide “baby boomers peace of mind”.

ClarisCompanionIconTransHow Companion Works

We believe that everyone should be able to connect with friends, family and caregivers online – even if they’re uncomfortable using technology. We’ve designed Claris Companion specifically for seniors living at home so their family can engage them socially with email and text messages, photos, and videos, while caregivers can receive alerts and monitor compliance with medications, treatments, and exercise plans.

ClarisCompanionIconTransNews Channel 4

Jim Miller senior’s expert from Savvy Senior drops by the studio at KFOR-TV to review Claris Companion. Anchor Linda Cavanaugh calls Companion “really cool!… it’s really good for parents that may live a thousand miles away and you just want some contact to know they’re okay.”

ClarisCompanionIconTransCTV News Feature

Consumer reporter Lynda Steele profiles Claris Companion for the “sandwich” generation, describing Claris Companion as “brilliant”, “very cool”, and “a good idea if your parents want to stay in their home and you’re worried and want to help them out.”

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ClarisCompanionIconTransFox News Feature

Fox News profiles Claris Companion on their Digital MD segment saying, “Senior citizens are the fastest growing segment of the U.S. population, according to the Administration on Aging. Now, a new tablet called the Claris Companion has been created with their specific needs in mind.”

ClarisCompanionIconTransThe Rush Feature

Tech guru Lindsay Smith discusses how Claris Companion is “super simple” for older seniors and helps bring families closer together while host Fiona Forbes calls Claris Companion “such a smart idea!”.

ClarisCompanionIconTransGlobal TV Interview

Geof Auchinleck (co-founder of Claris Healthcare) and Mark Ainley (Claris Companion user) talk about the Claris Companion, an in-home communication device designed for seniors to keep them connected with family and home care providers.

ClarisCompanionIconTransLaptop Magazine Review

Michael Andronico from Laptop Magazine in New York puts Claris Companion through its paces. He “definitely recommends” Claris Companion for older seniors.

ClarisCompanionIconTransBreakfast Television

Listen to what Breakfast Television thinks about Claris Companion, calling it “amazing!”

ClarisCompanionIconTransUnboxing Claris Companion

When you buy Claris Companion and have it shipped directly to your senior family member, it’s easy for them to get started in under 2 minutes because Claris Companion works right out of the box and immediately shows your pre-configured messages, settings, photos, etc.

Your loved one will love Claris Companion. We guarantee it.

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