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I LOVE the Claris Companion! I’ve been telling everyone about it and giving demos to my friends with elderly parents. It has improved my mom’s quality of life because she feels more in touch with her family and friends. I can’t say enough good things.

- Joyce Rosenthal, MN

This device continues to be a BIG help with my family. We can text Mom and not wake them from naps; it adds a smile to their day to come home and get pictures and messages; Mom can keep in touch with a childhood friend, and Dad can keep in touch with a dear friend, too. And kids and grandkids can join in. Also, they don’t get annoying spam, other unwanted emails, or other junk. Mom REALLY enjoys this, and it helps her feel in touch with others even when she’s home. It’s great for all of us!

- Libby Stott via Facebook


I recently bought Claris Companion for my 92-year-old mother because she loved to write and receive emails on her discontinued Web-TV email service, but refuses to learn how to use a computer. Given her fear of new technology, my mother and I were a little hesitant that the Companion would be as easy to use as promised. But after a remarkably short learning curve — aided by the Companion’s patient customer support team — she quickly became adept at reading and replying to emails (even using a Bluetooth keyboard), and now refers to the Companion as “magic” since she knows it works, but doesn’t know how, and — crucially — doesn’t care. My mother was forlorn when she heard her previous email service was being discontinued because email is the way she keeps in touch with family and friends scattered around the world. She feared she’d lose that connection — and the simple joy of writing, which she loves — because she didn’t want to tackle having learning a computer. Now she’s delighted with the Companion for preserving a key part of her life. All she’s got to do is touch the screen a few times to receive and write messages. She and I are extremely grateful for the Claris Companion, and the company behind it. Thank you.”

- Bill Mandel

My brother and I purchased the Claris Companion 6 months ago for my Mom who is 83 and she can’t get around much. She lives alone and is quite a distance from me. She is totally computer illiterate. Although she was reluctant at first to even look at the Claris device, she now is in love with it! Once she saw how easy it was to work it, she now sits in front of it waiting for pictures, videos, e mails, and video chats from her grandchildren. And she loves the medication reminders I set up for her. And she now knows how to respond to emails. It has opened up a whole new world for her and Claris is now a very welcome member of our family. Also, I must add that the customer support is top notch. Whenever I have a problem, issue or question, their support team continues to provide friendly, professional , knowledgeable, and trustworthy service and advice. Thank you Claris Companion for putting a smile on my Mother’s face and keeping her “connected”.”

- Barbara Levy, New York

My grandfather turned 90 last Friday and is a WWII veteran. He has been able to find so many things to like about Claris Companion. He likes it for the date and time, as a picture frame and for appointment reminders. We have used it to look up Ulithi (where he was stationed in the war) and was impressed to be able to see what it looks like today. I still brag about Claris and how you worked with us to facilitate our specific needs, and I believe that it really did help. Thank you again!”

- Michelle Bender, Phoenix Arizona

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My mother says that Claris Companion is like having a friend and company in the house.  As soon as she comes in she checks it, looks at the pictures and sends a message to the grandkids about what she did and where she is/was going.  The look on her face and the smile is priceless.  SHE LOVES IT and it makes her day very special!”

- Julie Ray, Daughter of a 92 year old Companion User

My mother was no longer able to manage the complexities of a computer, but now she can keep in touch with all her friends and family using Claris Companion. She loves getting the pictures and it is a great addition that we can send videos. We also find that adding our events as we organize them is helpful for the caregivers to keep track of things.”

- Beverley K., Vancouver

I receive updates daily letting me know that my mother has successfully checked in, this provides a great deal of peace of mind for me… As my parents live an hour out of town and it’s comforting to know each morning that they are up and doing fine. Grandma especially enjoys being able to receive pictures of the children and her friends. And soon we will fully utilize the medication monitoring system which will prove to be quite helpful as they are both on quite a bit of medication. I especially like the fact that this product is so user-friendly. Although my mother worked in a corporate environment, she never utilized a computer so having a simple touch screen has made the use of this product very easy for her.”

- Elizabeth Orozco, New Mexico

Claris Companion is working so well for my grandmother. Thank you! Your product helps change perspective towards technology, keep international families in touch, and reduce stress on primary caregivers and people living abroad. I have witnessed all four of these aspects in as many weeks.”

- Jeff Rea, Grandson of a Companion User

The Companion is exactly what we needed to manage home care – it’s a brilliant device. It really helps provide more peace of mind.”

- Mark Ainley, Vancouver

The medications reminder is a great benefit – my mother used to have fainting episodes, but had none since she started using the Companion.”

- Joseph T., Son of a 87 year old Companion user

For some people getting to the phone is a pain even if it’s next to them – with Claris Companion, I can send them a message and it’s going to pop-up right in front of them.”

- Daughter of a 90 year old Companion User

I purchased the tablet for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s/dementia and it has made such a positive difference in her life!  The idea of having a computer did not sit well with her at all and she’s never been interested in pictures on a computer/tablet screen. But within 6 weeks she used the call me button as an easy way to contact family. She struggled knowing what day it was and having that on the screen calmed her and within 2 months she asked for new pictures and videos. She couldn’t remember when meals were served but the events button lets her check her schedule.  Plus, having a notification reminding her about meals or other events has given her a sense of control.  Claris Companion has given my Mom a since of control over her life and you’ll have given me peace of mind too. Thank you!”

- Belinda Lee, Howell MI

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I am 81 years old and live alone. Two of my children live in other states and you cannot imagine how our lives have changed since one of my children has given me a Claris Companion. We can speak daily, seeing each other. My son lives next door and works down the street. He can be here in minutes if I need him or send pictures while he is driving. I hope that you have realized how very wonderful these would be in nursing homes whose lives could be changed as mine have… THE MOST AMAZING THING IS THAT IT IS SO EASY AND NON complicated. You should advertise it more.”

- Freddie McCann, Texas


I’m really enjoying my Claris Companion. It’s a great way to get messages and pictures from friends and family. I’ve never used a computer before and I’ve got other things to do than learn the latest at my age but my Claris Companion is so easy I don’t have to learn anything.”

- Elizabeth N., Washington

I love it! I feel so much more connected with my family now.”

- Elieen D., Kentucky

I would recommend it for friends who are living alone and have difficulty with computers.”

- 89 year old Companion User

Using my Claris Companion is such a stress reliever.”

- 83 year old Grandmother

Very attractive, color, shape… everything!”

- 87 year old Grandmother

I really appreciate the Companion – I’m getting to rely on it more and more day after day.”

- 88 year old Grandfather

I enjoy the Companion because I use it for email. I have 10 to 15 connections, all family and grandchildren, and they keep in touch and send pictures, and it’s a daily thing – I’m enjoying it!”

- 89 year old Grandfather

Learning to use the Companion was instant! Very easy, only a few buttons to work with, it took very little time for me to understand how to work the device.”

- 87 year old Grandmother